Economic development

Data analysis

Our data has guided economic development marketing strategy to agencies in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, highlighting industry opportunities and aligning them with target geographic markets for business recruitment.  

Industry Insight

With direct engagement in private sector deal development, Zethmayr provides insight into the site selection decision making process. 

Program Administration

Zethmayr administers incentive tools for a variety of organizations to realize economic development goals. As examples, Zethmayr administer Foreign Trade Zone #176 on behalf of the Greater Rockford Airport Authority and assisted the Northwest Illinois Economic Development organization to achieve its Enterprise Zone.  

International Expertise

Zethmayr has facilitated over $350 Million in capital investment from foreign companies into the United States, developed new programming to develop cross-border partnerships, launched foreign-trade zones for private companies, and initiated an international trade center for export promotion. This unique combination of international experience allows us to take your region globally, whether developing export assistance or determining which countries make the base target markets for your business recruitment strategy.