Case Study: Alfagomma S.p.A.

Learn how Zethmayr secured $2.8 Million in financial incentives for Alfagomma S.p.A.’s expansion in 2018.

Alfagomma is a global leading manufacturer of hydraulic and industrial fluid handling systems with 3,600 people employed around the world and over $500 Million in annual revenue, headquartered in Italy.

In 2018, Alfagomma was seeking a 100 – 150k sf industrial space located in the far-west Chicago suburbs to manufacture and distribute hydraulic components, with intent to employ 100 – 200 people over the next five years. To secure an optimal financial structure, Zethmayr supported Alfagomma to:

Zethmayr was able to identify key operating cost differentials between building options. Most notably, Zethmayr identified significantly higher electricity costs for one of the considered facilities which could have a $1.4 Million financial impact to Alfagomma over a 10-year period.

For various unrelated reasons, Alfagomma preferred the building with higher electricity costs. To optimize the financial structure, Zethmayr secured the following financial incentives for Alfagomma:

Zethmayr ensured Alfagomma had complete information about their total costs for all facilities options, while having a total financial impact exceeding $2.8 Million on Alfagomma’s ten-year operating costs.

As noted above, $2 Million was secured in nine business days and $800,000 was secured in 38 business days; we can move quickly to secure incentives without causing project delays.

Published with permission of Enrico Genassio, President, Alfagomma S.p.A.