Business Development

Zethmayr expands companies into new markets around the globe. Expansion can mean growth into new markets geographically, through new products and services, or by selling into a new industry. We accomplish expansion with our clients in three ways: providing intelligence through a market opportunity analysis, strategic planning, and executing through project management. Let us tell you more.

Market Opportunity Analysis

With input from your team, primary and secondary research, we will define your business development opportunity in terms of new product, industry or geographic market, providing analysis of revenue potential, potential obstacles and required investments for success.

Strategic Plan

We will work alongside key staff to develop a strategic plan to realize your full business development potential; the plan will have a clear vision, goals and metrics which are aligned with those of the company, addressing the market positioning, supply-chain, sales channels, and branding of the product in the context of the company and industry.

Project Management

With a strategic plan in place, we are ready to assist with execution as much as you need to ensure your full market expansion potential is realized.

Location Strategy

Zethmayr bridges market intelligence and location strategy, ensuring businesses establish operations in a location that optimizes their long-term operating costs, fits with their corporate strategy and values, and provides a mutually-beneficial economic partnership with a community.

Site Selection

As your company grows in new markets, you may find that long-term success requires relocating or expanding the geographic placement of your business. These are some of the most expensive decisions made by company leadership, with implications that are far-reaching and lasting. In the context of your company’s values, we present you with validated comparative data on geographic locations regarding workforce, logistics, supply-chain, business-climate, and other variables you value. With your company’s confidentiality terms strictly held, we will identify specific sites and buildings which can accommodate your long-term growth. Collectively, we provide the information you need to confidently make among of the most important decisions many company leaders make in their career.

Incentives Negotiation

We firmly believe that the long-term success of a site selection decision is dependent on the long-term operating costs of the selected region, such as the availability of a quality workforce, access to efficient transportation networks, and proximity to customers and suppliers. While incentives can lower the cost of a business relocation or expansion enhancing a project’s feasibility, they should not typically be considered primary decision-making factors in site selection due to their relative short-term impact on operating costs. We will work with you to turn over all stones to ensure you fulfill your fiduciary responsibility to negotiate on behalf of your employees, partners and shareholders to lower the cost of your project, from incentive identification through application and negotiation.

Ethics Notes

When it comes to incentives negotiations, financial agreements with Zethmayr are arranged on a project basis, rather than a contingency basis. This means that we are committed to finding the right home for you long-term, and have no conflicts-of-interest with our recommendations to you.