Location Strategy

Zethmayr bridges market intelligence and location strategy, ensuring businesses establish operations in a location that optimizes their long-term operating costs, fits with their corporate strategy and values, and provides a mutually-beneficial economic partnership with a community.

Site Selection

The decision of where to locate a new facility has implications that are far-reaching and lasting, on both the future of the company and the careers of the decision makers. In the context of your company’s values, we present you with validated comparative data on geographic regions regarding workforce, logistics, supply-chain, business-climate, and other variables you value. With your company’s confidentiality terms strictly held, we will identify specific sites and buildings which can accommodate your long-term growth. Collectively, we provide the information you need to confidently make among of the most important decisions many company leaders make in their career.

Incentives Negotiation

We firmly believe that the long-term success of a site selection decision is dependent on the long-term operating costs of the selected region, such as the availability of a quality workforce, access to efficient transportation networks, and proximity to customers and suppliers. While incentives can lower the cost of a business relocation or expansion enhancing a project’s feasibility, they should not typically be considered primary decision-making factors in site selection due to their relative short-term impact on operating costs. We will work with you to turn over all stones to ensure you fulfill your fiduciary responsibility to negotiate on behalf of your employees, partners and shareholders to lower the cost of your project, from incentive identification through application and negotiation.

Construction Management

Zethmayr offers comprehensive facility planning services, including construction management, allowing our clients to focus on the "bigger picture" while we represent solely their interests, acting as our client’s advocate to ensure quality construction while minimizing total project cost.